Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is a systematic approach to monitoring the health of employees exposed to various occupational hazards in the workplace. It is a proactive measure designed to detect early signs of work-related ill health and to implement preventive measures to protect employees’ health.

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Our comprehensive Health Surveillance services encompass regular assessments and medical screenings tailored to the specific risks within your industry. By staying ahead of potential health issues, we minimise absenteeism, boost employee morale, and enhance overall productivity. Prohms is your partner in creating a safer and healthier working environment.

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HSE reported that in 2019/2020, there were an estimated 12,000 lung disease deaths each year thought to be linked to past exposures at work.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is necessary to:

Protect employees from occupational diseases
Ensure that health risks in the workplace are adequately controlled
Provide data to help employers evaluate health risk controls
Raise workers’ awareness of the health risks they may face
Provide an opportunity to reinforce training and education of employees

Health surveillance should be considered for employees who:

Work with hazardous substances like chemicals or dust
Are exposed to loud noise or vibrations
Operate under conditions that could lead to musculoskeletal problems
Work in compressed air environments
Are exposed to biological agents that could affect health

During health surveillance, a series of health checks are performed. These may include questionnaires, physical examinations, functional tests (like lung function tests), and biological monitoring. The specific checks are tailored to the health risks associated with a particular job or workplace.

If a health issue is detected, the occupational health professional will assess the findings and recommend the next steps. This may include further medical evaluation, changes to work practices, or even temporary reassignment to other duties. The primary goal is to protect the employee from further harm and prevent the condition from worsening.

The results of health surveillance are confidential and are used to ensure that employees are not at risk of harm from their work. If any health issues are identified that may be affected by work, adjustments to work practices or roles may be recommended to prevent harm. The aim is to keep employees healthy and safe at work, not to exclude them from the workplace.

The frequency of health surveillance depends on the level of risk, the nature of work, and legal requirements. It could range from annual checks to less frequent health reviews. The specific frequency should be determined by a risk assessment and in consultation with occupational health professionals.

Customised health surveillance programs

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customised health surveillance programs designed to meet the specific needs of your industry and workforce. Our team of Occupational Health professionals will work with you to develop a program that not only meets legal requirements but also supports the health and productivity of your employees.

Health Surveillance

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