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Mobile Screening Unit

Making it convenient for both employers and employees to prioritize health and safety without disrupting workflow.

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Health Surveillance to Your Doorstep

At Prohms, we understand that not every workplace has the luxury of a dedicated office space for conducting essential health surveillance tests. That’s why we bring our state-of-the-art Mobile Screening Unit directly to your doorstep. Our spacious van is equipped with everything needed to ensure the health and safety of your workforce, without the hassle of finding extra space.

Mobile Screening Unit

What Can an Assessment Involve?

Audio Testing Icon

Audio Testing

To ensure the employee can hear and respond to auditory cues, especially important in roles where communication is key



Hand and Arm Vibration screenings for roles involving machinery or tools, ensuring the employee’s hands and arms are in good condition is crucial.

Skin Checks Icon

Skin Checks

For roles that might expose employees to harmful chemicals or conditions, ensuring their skin is in good condition is vital.

Lung Function Icon

Lung Function

Especially important for roles that might expose employees to airborne contaminants.

The mobile screening unit is designed to provide convenient access to essential health surveillance tests for workplaces that lack adequate space for such assessments.

The mobile unit offers a range of screenings including Driver's Fitness for Work Assessments, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Face Fit Testing, HAVS Screening, Safety Critical Medicals, and hearing tests

The duration of each screening appointment may vary depending on the specific tests required, but typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

Depending on the type of screening, there may be specific instructions or preparations provided to clients in advance, ensuring smooth and efficient conduct of the assessments.

The mobile screening unit can accommodate screenings for varying numbers of employees, from small groups to larger organizations, without strict minimum or maximum requirements.

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