Training and Toolbox Talks

In the dynamic environment of construction, the importance of continual training cannot be overstated. Occupational health impacts are a pressing concern that can be mitigated through comprehensive education. Prohms presents a suite of Toolbox Talks (TBTs) and resources for managers, designed to foster heightened awareness and proactive management of occupational health issues.

About Prohms

Workplace Safety

Ensuring workplace safety is a multifaceted task that requires clear communication, thorough training, and ongoing education. Employees, visitors, and contractors must be well-informed about the potential hazards they face and the measures in place to mitigate these risks. Prohms is dedicated to providing bespoke training solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Training and Toolbox Talks

Specialist Health & Safety Training Programs

Strategies for effectively managing employees with health problems, ensuring their well-being and productivity.

Conducting mental health risk assessments and providing support for employees experiencing stress.

Comprehensive ergonomic and manual handling training to prevent workplace injuries.

Equipping staff with the knowledge to conduct COSHH assessments in line with current legislation and best practices.

Training for collection officers to conduct on-site drug and alcohol testing, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace.

Training designated personnel to conduct skin checks, aiming to prevent occupational skin conditions.

Training and Toolbox Talks

Engaging with Prohms for Customized Training Solutions

Prohms understands the critical nature of health and safety training in the workplace. By engaging with our expertly designed programs, your organization can ensure that all team members are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a safe working environment.

In Conclusion

Effective training and education are the cornerstones of a safe workplace. With Prohms, you can be confident that your workforce is well-prepared to identify and manage workplace hazards, ensuring health and safety for all.”

Training and Toolbox Talks