Quality Accreditations

Prohms holds quality accreditations to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s Safe and Effective Quality Occupational Health Services (SEQOHS) Standards, including Construction Industry Standards. This reflects our steadfast commitment to an annual program of quality enhancement, evaluation, and upkeep.

About Prohms
Quality Accreditations Prohms

Confidence that insures

A team of well-trained, experienced, qualified, and competent staff.

Independent and impartial validation, demonstrating our competence, service quality, and dedication to continuous improvement.

Adherence to good, evidence-based practices across the services we provide.

Robust monitoring mechanisms to identify opportunities for business improvement or corrective actions.

Clearly defined standards for our staff to operate within.

Reviews of Services

Selecting a SEQOHS accredited Occupational Health Service Provider like Prohms instills confidence in purchasers that they are engaging with a knowledgeable and competent source for advice and services.

Prohms Review of Services