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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace drug and alcohol testing are pivotal tools for employers aiming to maintain a productive and safe environment. Substance misuse is linked to nearly 40% of industrial accidents annually, costing the UK approximately £36bn.

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Addressing these risks is not only an ethical responsibility but also a legal one. Implementing randomised testing, conducted by an unbiased occupational health team, is a proven method to curb substance misuse among employees.

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More than 20% of UK employees reported to work under the influence of drugs, and over 45% were affected by alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Various tests can detect the presence of drugs or alcohol in an individual’s system. These include breath alcohol testing and urine drug tests. At Prohms, we offer two primary types of workplace testing: instant tests and laboratory tests. Both tests can be conducted on-site, or participants can visit our occupational health office for convenience. Regardless of the method, our clients are guaranteed swift and precise results.

Our instant tests provide immediate, accurate results. For alcohol detection, we employ standard home office-approved breathalysers to measure blood alcohol content, pinpointing recent or excessive alcohol consumption. For drug detection, we utilise urine testing kits, which can identify up to 10 different illicit drugs. We collaborate with employers to determine which prescription or other drugs to screen for. These urine tests have an effective drug detection window of five days prior to sample collection. If a result is non-negative, the sample is forwarded to our UKAS-accredited lab for detailed analysis.

Beyond confirmation testing, standalone lab analysis can be requested. This method takes longer and might incur additional costs. Reach out to our team for guidance on the best testing approach for your needs.

Apart from randomised testing, we offer “for-cause” testing for both drugs and alcohol. This can be initiated if there’s a valid suspicion about an employee’s substance misuse that poses a significant health and safety threat. It’s also applicable post-accident for further investigation. This testing type requires a valid reason and is legally sensitive.

Substance misuse can severely hamper employee productivity and overall business performance. Studies indicate that over a year, more than 20% of UK employees reported to work under the influence of drugs, and over 45% were affected by alcohol. This not only diminishes focus and productivity but also jeopardizes safety, especially for those operating heavy machinery.

Various laws govern workplace drug and alcohol testing, ensuring fairness and appropriateness. We ensure compliance with these laws to safeguard both employers and employees.

Randomised testing is a tool for safety, not control. It’s crucial in high-risk environments where impairment can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Employees cannot decline a drug test if their contract mandates random testing. Refusal can lead to disciplinary actions. If an employee tests positive, subsequent actions are determined by the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

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Located conveniently in West Yorkshire close to the M62, Prohms offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services. Beyond testing, we assist in drafting robust workplace drug and alcohol policies. Our online management system ensures secure access to test results and reports, adhering to ISO-accredited security standards.

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