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Ensuring the safety of your employees in the workplace, especially when they are exposed to hazardous dust or chemicals, is not just about providing masks.

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Approved Protection

It’s about guaranteeing that these masks fit perfectly, ensuring maximum protection. The only way to ensure this is through an HSE-approved face fit test conducted by a certified professional.

Face Fit Testing

Face fit testing is a procedure that ensures the mask an employee wears forms a tight seal on their face, preventing the inhalation of harmful particulates. Recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), it’s the sole method to ensure that an individual is adequately protected using Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). Without a proper fit, employees risk exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes, and dust, which can lead to long-term health issues and potential legal actions against the company. Remember, a face fit test certificate is specific to the individual and the mask model tested. Any changes to the mask necessitate a new test.

Providing the right RPE for your employees is mandated under various regulations, including the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. Consequently, many workplaces are legally obligated to conduct face fit tests to ensure the mask forms a proper seal with the wearer’s face.

Almost all tight-fitting masks require testing. The only exceptions are disposable masks similar to surgical masks used for COVID-19 prevention. At Prohms, we conduct fit tests on:

Powered Respirators: These mechanically filter air and offer high protection levels.
Full Face Masks: Covering the entire face, including the eyes.
Filtering Facepieces: These are disposable masks used in various industries and healthcare settings.
Full Breathing Apparatus: These source air from tanks or compressors.
Escape Set Masks: Temporary masks for emergency escapes from areas with harmful gases.
Industries Needing Face Fit Testing

While traditionally required in manufacturing, construction, and scientific research, the COVID-19 pandemic has expanded the need for face fit testing to the dental industry, healthcare, care homes, and even some retail sectors.

Any employee required to wear RPE for safety must undergo face fit testing. It’s a swift procedure that maximizes employee safety.

For an effective mask seal, wearers should be cleanly shaven. Beards or stubble can compromise the seal, risking exposure to contaminants. However, for those with beards for medical or religious reasons, alternative masks like full hoods or loose-fitting respirators might be suitable.

Starting at £330, the cost of face fit testing is a worthy investment in employee safety. For detailed pricing, please contact us.

Face Fit Testing

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Prohms offers expert advice, workplace assessments, and face fit testing services throughout the UK. Our certified testers have undergone rigorous training, ensuring they can identify unsuitable face pieces for hazardous environments.

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