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Vibrations Hazards

Vibration hazards, when transmitted through the hands and arms, can lead to significant health issues affecting the nerves, blood supply, and soft tissues or joints of the hand, wrist, and arm.

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Prolonged exposure amplifies the risk, which is directly associated with the vibration level. For instance, certain tools can reach the exposure limit value (ELV) in as little as 5 minutes of daily exposure.

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The exposure limit value (ELV) can be reached in as little as 5 minutes

Vibrations Hazards
We’ll Help you take the Necessary Precautions

We’ll Help you take the Necessary Precautions

At Prohms, we understand the importance of assessing these risks in line with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations. This assessment helps determine the vibration level and the necessary precautions to take. Whether it’s handheld power tools, hand-guided equipment, or even holding a workpiece being tooled by a fixed power tool like a bench grinder, the potential for harm exists.

Regular exposure to high levels of vibration from handheld tools and equipment can lead to HAV. This can affect workers using power tools like grinders, strimmers, chainsaws, power drills, and road breakers. The vibration from these tools can damage sensory nerves, muscles, and joints, leading to Hand-Arm Vibration.

This condition results from damage to the circulatory system in the hands and fingers due to vibrating tools. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, and a whitening appearance of the fingers. Continued exposure, especially in cold weather, can lead to permanent disability.

This type of vibration affects the entire body when one is sitting, standing, or lying on a vibrating surface. It can lead to headaches, motion sickness, chronic back pain, and even visual disturbances. Employees operating heavy machinery, like construction equipment or agricultural machines, are particularly at risk.

Legal Requirements and Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is a legal requirement for vibration hazards.

Legal Requirements and Health Surveillance

It’s essential when workers are exposed to vibration levels above the exposure action value (EAV) of 2.5m/s^2 A(8). This includes workers who are occasionally exposed above the EAV or those diagnosed with HAVS. At Prohms, our clinicians are qualified and competent to carry out these assessments.


2.5m/s^2 A(8)

The exposure action value (EAV)


Prohms’ Approach to Vibration Hazards

We collaborate with businesses to identify a comprehensive risk management programme. This includes reducing vibration exposure, selecting the right tools, maintaining equipment efficiency, and considering ergonomic factors. Health surveillance is also provided where appropriate.

Vibrations Hazards